Linsn AD902 led player

Linsn AD902 LED Player provides – is useful for the sending card is huge projects where led display panels control cards neeed to be protected by a box and containing 2 years warranty, that certified to CCC, RoHS, ISO:9001.

The Linsn AD902 LED Player includes

  • 1 Slots Rj45
  • 1 Power Supply slot
  • 1 USB Slots
  • 1 Button controlling
  • 1 Audio Output slot
  • 1 SD Card Slot

Linsn AD902 LED Player can support 1280*1024(1440*900) Pixels


The package includes

  • 1 Linsn AD902 LED Player Box
  • 1 USB Cable


Here are some details for this Linsn AD902 LED Player Box

Linsn AD902 LED Player Box

  • The LED box includes dual USB ports.
  • It contains 1 audio output that can be connected to any speaker to hear the LED Display video sound.
  • Contributes to 16-bit grayscale which is a very high level to boost the display signage more powerful pixels.
  • Contributes to 16-grade brightness manual adjustment, which is non-engineered work to accomplish.
  • The brightness is auto-adjustable(requires multifunction board).
  • The port for a Linsn Sending card having the WIFI network connection (Port slot is included).
  • Internet Connectivity can be done by Rj45.
  • It gives the flexibility for storage up to 64GB storage expansion with a TF card.
  • Contributes up to 1280*1024(1440*900), 1920*680 pixels with two network ports.