Linsn RV998 Card

Linsn RV998 Receiving Card provides – is helpful Large Smart screen pitches, projects where led display panels are used to control it by controlling cards which comes in more than 2 years of warranty, that certified to CCC, RoHS, ISO:9001.

The Linsn RV998 LED Receiving Card:

  • Small Pixel LED Receiving Card RV998 With HUB75E with 1/32 Scan rate such as P2.5mm, P3 Indoor
  • 16 – Bit supports


The package includes

  • Linsn RV998 LED Card
  • Manual


LED RV998 Receiving card with 8 pieces and HUB75E BEST for Indoor/Outdoor Pixel pitch LED Billboards Outdoor

Here are some details for this Linsn RV998 LED Receiving card

Linsn RV998 LED Display Card Controller

  • Supports 12-Bit Color HDMI.
  • With 18 Signal processors, it gives maximum support to RGB  260,000 Grayscale.
  • Single Cards supports 1024×256 Pixels, 1024 Single-point Color correction.
  • Supports Configuration file readback, a program to copy.
  • Three-way voltage monitor.
  • Humidity Monitoring support.
  • Two Fan speed monitoring.
  • Smoke Monitoring feature.
  • CE-EMC Standards in Line.
  • With High pixels of 1024 x 256 can save the cost of led receiver,  and better to use both for Outdoor display led panels.