Novastar T6

Novastar T6 Taurus Series provides – Dual Wifi, 1080 HD, HDMI loop video hardware decoding is helpful Large Smart screen pitches, projects where led display panels are used to control it by controlling cards which come in more than 2 years of warranty, that certified to CCC, RoHS, ISO:9001.

The Novastar T6 Series includes:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Wifi- AP Antenna port
  • FPGA indicator
  • COM1, COM2 support
  • Ethernet
  • USB 2.0
  • Audio Jack
  • LED Out


The package includes

  • T6 Multimedia LED Card
  • Antenna
  • Manual


NOVASTAR T6 Multimedia card TAURUS SERIES with a dedication of Full-Color LED Display  LED Mobile Message Outdoor  with 1,300,000 Pixels Capacity

Here are some details for this Novastar T6 Multimedia

Novastar T6 MultiMedia LED Display Card Controller

  • 1.5Ghz eight-core processor.
  • Supports H265 4k HD Video Hardware Decoding Playback.
  • 2 GB Operating Memory
  • 8 GB onboard internal storage space with 4GB available for users.
  • T6 Series has a permanent Wi-Fi AP and support Wi-fi sta Mode.
  • T6 supports both synchronous and Asynchronous dual-mode allow more application cases
  • No wiring needed to connect to your phone, iPad, or PC.
  • 64 pixels ≤ Video source width ≤ 2048 pixels.
  • Allows images to be zoomed in only
  • Redundant backup.
  • Loading capacity 650,000 pixels with a maximum of width 4096 pixels and height 1920 pixels.
  • 1 USB port