linsn TS802 Card

Linsn TS802 Sending Card LED controller provides – sending a card with 2 years warranty, Which is CCC, RoHS, ISO,  Certified to all LED Display.

The Linsn TS802 Sending Card includes

  • 2 Slots Rj45
  • Power Supply slot
  • Monitor Cable slot
  • 1 DVI Slot

Linsn TS802 can support 2048*1152 Pixels


The package includes

  • 1 Linsn TS802 Sending Card
  • 1 DVI Cable
  • 1 USB Cable


Here are some details for this TS802 Linsn Sending Card.

  • Display Type:  Supports Full-color, Dual-color, and Single LED Display
  • Display Mode: 640*480 800*600 1024*768 1280*768 1280*800 1280*1024 1440*900
    1440*1080 1600*1200 1680*1050 1728*1296 1920*1080 1920*1200
    2048*1152 2048*1280.
  • Supporting 10 Bits: The 8-bit colors gives: 256*256*256 = 16777216.
    The 10-bit colors gives: 1024*1024*1024=1073741824.
    The best result that will provide more support invisibility is to get the support of a Video Processor A6000 that gives 30 bits TTL.
  • Audio Transmission: LinsnTS802 sending cards sends audio data using a network cable, and the function board outputs audio signals to the display.
  • Sending card U/D port flexibility: Suppose, Linsn TS801 can max support 1280*1024 with two ports.
  • Sending card zoom in/out feature: In Linsn software, the Zoom in/out functionality can affectively set through manually, after opening the connectivity to the led display an engineer can easily access it.
  • Multi Synchrononization functionality: One Linsn TS802 Sending Card can control multi led displays, grasping displays combination, synchronous led display and independent play media.
  • Matching Software: LED Studio V9.0 or above – please visit Linsn Softwares.