Xixun D10 Card

Xixun D10 Receiving Card provides – is useful for the sending card K-Series, smaller or huge projects where led display panels are used to control it by controlling cards which comes in more than 2 years of warranty, that certified to CCC, RoHS, ISO:9001.

The Xixun D10 LED Receiving Card includes

  • Supports USB
  • Power Supply slot
  • Ethernet Port
  • Button controlling
  • Audio Output slot
  • 12 – Bit support

Xixun D10 supports 300*256 Pixels


The package includes

  • Xixun D10 LED Card
  • Manual


Here are some details for this Xixun D10 Receiving Card

Xixun D10 LED Display Card Controller

  • It works with sending card K-series.
  • It supports 12 Bit (4096 grayscale) red, green, and blue color.
  • One Card can handle 320×256 maximum pixels, it works in all types of Outdoor Rental Led Display panels.
  • Synchronized multiple led screen to show the same program, one sending card can control multiple led screen, to realize sync-display for each led display model
  • Can support read back the setting files, like hcp4 and cas file.
  • It supports PWM driver IC, like MBI 5041 to make a better view.
  • One sending card can connect one hub so that it could save one receiving card.