taxi top led display

About project

Period: Nov-Dec 2016

Client: Egypt Banking Services

Subject: Bus LED Display with IP65 Waterproofing

Our Task Was

The project was related to Bus Customized Led Display but needs to be fixed on the bus with hydraulic support. The bus will need a separate power supply that can run led display. The project was fully 35sqm Outdoor in P4 NationStar.

The bus should be connected to all three sides and also connected by 4G, GPS, HDMI connectivity. The project was to connect 6 different areas busses through Mobile banking and these LED display will show all about banking usage in every area by its specific timings.


The process was first from our client side:

  • We get all the sizes and the pictures from each side of the bus.
  • Our engineer arranged that, how much weight will be fine on each side of the bus.
  • This bus were have three sides to cover, each side have its own sizes according to the window places.
  • When all the sizes, Blueprint, pictures and requirements were settled then we proceed.

How we proceed:

  • We first made the blueprint of the bus to design and make it much suitable for the people to see and also make it lighter for the bus to stick on the wall of it.
  • The water proofing have made more suitable to the environment.
  • All these systems were included Videowall Video processor, GPS supported cards from Novastar that was much suitable for the project.
  • We managed the viewing angle according to the people from far distance should be clear visible.
  • This system was made in P4 Outdoor fixed with Hydrolic cabinets.


We provided our best solution and the work was impressive and the result was outstanding.


We are here to have any challenge in LED Display either it in Indoor ledor Outdoor led display, either it is Fixed to the wall or Rental as movable or Customized, we are here to provide best suitable solution for your projects.