About project

Period: Mar – April 2016

Client: Cricket Academy

Our Task Was

In this project the work was a bit interesting because need to make one side fully cricket scoreboard and the another side shows the live television for the audience.

We recommend to install P8 Fixed Cabinets with Nationstar that was controlled with Meanwell power supply.


We designed a designed model for our client, showed some of our projects.

  • This project was needed to shows non-stop scores on the scoreboard.
  • The scoreboard digits can be easily changed by the cloud system.
  • The warranty was for 3 years, free after sales service.
  • The SMD3535 was suggested for it best results.

The projects was contained of total 45sqm, which then distributed in pieces of the cabinets by 960mm x 960mm sizes. The locks were very securly locked then no one can easily open.


The results was really interesting and also the audience can see the scoreboard very smoothly and clear.


Every project is challenging, but the client and our team make it more interesting and enjoyable to work, and present the Cricket Scoreboards Led Display in a proper way.