About project

Period: July-August 209

Client: Indoor Curve P3.91 LED Display

Our Task Was

The project was having interesting requirements because the client knows how to make but have no idea in such a flexible way of Rental LED Display. Our task was to make this in the curve and straight position like an LCD Curve shape that displays all types of HD video in a different style.


The process was a bit hard from our client-side:

  • But we get the sizes that were ideal for them.
  • The rough sketch design was provided that help us to bring it to real Rental Curve led display.
  • The sizes were not sure, but we get it and prefer them our recommendations.

How we process:

  • First we prepared the design for them, as a blueprint.
  • Then we give the best solution and how we will use it to control it from remotely areas also.
  • All the sizes was 11sqm in P3.91 Indoor Rental on the wall and also Fixed on the Steel cabinets.


The result was awesome, and our client appreciate it because we provide the best solution that will work for them.


No matter how your imagination for LED Display is, we are here to provide the best solution for you, if it is Indoor led Display or Outdoor led Display.