led video display

About project

Period: Aug-Oct 2014

Subject: Gas Pole LED Display

This project was really a challenging procedure, the requirements were to connect through GPS that will be connected to all Gas Station Pole Led Display China.

Our Task Was

Our task was to connect all Gas stations through GPS and give it a non-stop display on every system and manage the timing of every single wording on the led displays, also the needs the modules will be curved. We recommended to use normal modules and also the cabinet was made curved to adjust the structure of the LED Pole.


The process was first we took all the requirements, which are as followed:

  • How many sides they need to have the led display pieces.
  • They need square sides, but we recommend to have a bit curved to look more beautiful.
  • We provided the design before manufacturing, if any other needs they have.
  • We collected the details that from how far they need to see it clearly.
  • We showed some samples before proceeding manufacturing.

How We process:

  • We designed the Blueprint for our client and showed every detailed before processing.
  • We showed how the system will work and our engineer explained how it can work from distance places.
  • The manufactruing process take 18 working days, before shipping we test it 72 Hours.
  • All our process was very really important to be fine and perfect.
  • We used Nationstar LED that will last for 4 Years without any disturbance for the client according to the temperature in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


This project was having 9 Gas Stations for which our Engineer visited there location and fix it there. All the system were successfully connected to cloud system and teach the workers how to do.


Every project is challenging but when you say you can do it, then no one can stop it. We provided our best solution and give best after sales service.