How should led display light be maintained in daily life?

The LED display is currently used as the illuminated text of led billboard signs. It has a large amount of information, that has very good display effect and advertising effect, and can update the content at any time. With the extensive use of led billboard screens, various objective and subjective factors, Will reduce the life of the led display mesh, led billboard screen, and traditional electronic products, in order to have a longer service life, you need to pay attention to its use, daily maintenance. If the led display mesh is properly maintained, its service life will last for a long time. Let me introduce the daily maintenance and use of the LED display.

First, led display light switch machine:

1) Turn on the screen, when the screen is turned on first, then turn off the screen, after turning off the screen; if it is not executed in order, it will cause the screen to be highlighted, burn the tube, and the result is severe. LED display light minimizes the switch, it’s a number of times the power is turned on, between the start and the end, is more than one minute between the two operations.

2) The time of the switch screen can’t exceed 5 minutes. The led billboard screen can’t open in the all-white state or work for a long time. If it is in the state of all white, then the current impact of the working system is the largest. Will cause the LED display light to be destroyed.

3) Avoid large led screen working under strong lighting conditions. If the working environment temperature is too high, you should pay attention to the corresponding heat dissipation work.

4) Frequently appearing led screen wall, the power switch trips, should check the screen or replace the power supply in time.

5) When the led display mesh has a dark red color when playing the white pattern, the multimeter should be used to measure whether the voltage between the power supply and the module of the dark red box is 5V, if not, it needs to Replace the power supply, which is caused by the insufficient power supply.

6) If some of the cabinets are not lit during use, it is necessary to check whether the signal wires connected between the bright and non-lighted cabinets are loose or abnormal and if so, a new one needs to be replaced. Check the network cable to check if the power of the cabinet that is not lit is normal.

Second, led display light power supply notes:

1) Led module is DC +5V power, working voltage is 4.2V-5.2V, need to use the voltage and power supply within the specified range, so as not to cause damage to the device.

2) The led screen wall should be grounded. The power supply should be away from other high-power electrical equipment. If the screen is short-circuited or smoked during operation, do not repeat the power-on test. You should contact the professional. Maintenance personnel conduct inspections, especially internal wiring, to avoid electric shock.

3) Led display module power supply needs to pay attention to the positive and negative power supply, if the positive and negative terminals are connected wrong, it will cause the circuit device to burn and so on.

4) The large led display power supply must be supplied in batches, because the entire screen power state will impact the entire power distribution system, resulting in the destruction of the led display mesh power distribution cabinet.

Third, moisture and storage requirements:

Regarding the treatment of led display beads, we must first ensure that the led billboard screen has a good moisture-proof function. Let us understand how iLEDScreen is on the led billboard screen. Do a good job of moisture protection.

  • The large led display cannot be closed for a long time. In the high humidity environment, if the led display mesh is not used for more than three days, the preheating lighting mode should be used every time the screen is illuminated: The brightness of 0%~50% is preheated for 4~8 hours, then adjusted to normal. Brightness (80%~100%) to illuminate the screen body, so that the moisture is removed, so that there is no abnormality in use; if the led display mesh exceeds It is not used for more than 7 days. It is also necessary to use the preheating lighting mode when lighting the led display: 30%~50% brightness is preheated for more than 12 hours and adjusted to normal brightness (80 %~100%) thus eliminates moisture so that there is no abnormality when using the led billboard screen.

2) Storage environment requirements: humidity must be less than 60%, the temperature is less than 30%, the general ambient temperature is -40 °C ≤ t ≤ 60 °C.

3) According to the environment where the led display mesh is located, determine whether the led billboard screen needs to be vacuum-packed and placed with a moisture-proof card and a desiccant to ensure the stable quality of the raw materials.

Fourth, led display light screen body cleaning notes:

After working for a period of time, the led screen wall will affect the display effect due to the harsh environment of the outside world. If the surface of the led display light is contaminated, it can be brightened on the led display light. And black screen in two states for visual judgment, including whether the screen surface is contaminated, and the surface paint and rust of the LED screen wall, seemingly simple cleaning work, actually LED A very important part of the display maintenance process, let’s talk about some considerations about iLEDScreen cleaning in the large led display:

1) The surface of the led display light can be wiped gently in the same direction with clean water + soft lint-free cloth. Do not wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use alcohol or chemical-containing cleaners to wipe, or spray liquid directly onto the led display light surface to prevent liquid from penetrating into the protective film.

2) If cleaning the surface of the module, use a brush. Do not use any liquid substance to clean the surface of the Led module. Otherwise, the LED lamp bead may be damaged.

3) Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the watermark left after the wet wash to ensure that the entire led billboard screen is clean and dust-free.

Large led display, like traditional electronic products, requires regular maintenance and cleaning, regular inspections for normal operation, and damage to the line. The maintenance and maintenance of the led display mesh are completed, and the service life of the led display mesh can be extended. It can play an important role in the normal operation of the LED display. The LED display is a semiconductor product that emits heat and heat. Although it can work for up to 100,000 hours, it must be built on the correct maintenance and Implementation.

The above questions only represent iledScreen understanding of some issues that can be encountered in the maintenance and use of led billboard screens. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us at, we look forward to working with you. Discussion and progress. In the next article, I will introduce some knowledge about the aging test for large led displays.

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