led video wall

About project

Period: Jan – Feb 2017

Client: Stock market England

The project was from London, where inside need to exchange the old types of TV’s into new style LED Video wall.

Our Task Was

Our work was to make an interactive led display for all inside comers who want to see a television, check the Stock Exchange Scoreboard Led Display, and also can know the advertising companies saying. It was a challenging design and we recommend having these pixels in P1.9 indoor HD led display.


We collected the details like this:

  • We made a blue print design for our customer, and specify every single posibility can be improved from our side.
  • The led display for scoreboards named is mainly occupied for 3 portion, One is showing television, second is showing adds of other places and third showing the online updated stock rates.
  • These were very impressively done by our engineers,combining the control cards at a same time, that can be update onlinely and also show what exactly our customer wants.
  • It was in Fixed Die-cast aluminum cabinet with a special wiring and cards, the modules are magnetable that can be removed any time but cannot be removed easily by hand, a special tools needed to move them.


The results were very impressive and the outcome was more attractive than thinking of the project.


It’s we who can provide the best solution for your ideas and make them possible according to led formats. It’s not difficult to give someone work to do, it’s about trust on whom you do and most important they give you more impressively.