Casino P3 Outdoor Nine LED Screen 


Huge the led display has added a lot to this world-class resort. The nine-screen display is more than 30 meters wide, which is comparable to many spectacular LED video displays on New York’s Times Square and Las Vegas Boulevard. This fantastic video solution combines the special design and the architecture of the new building, while also considering the external windows. 9 LED video displays are installed above the main entrance of the resort and are eye-catching on the outside of the building. To create the appearance of digital media.

What includes in it

  • All seven screens are 7.3m Height
  • The 4 screens with a spacing of 10mm distance are 2.6m Wide and 3 screens are each with 4.7m Wide
  • The last two screens are each 3.7m wide.
  • These ones the led display provides long life and low power consumption can be controlled to display individual content on each screen, or can be used as a whole for unified demonstration.
  • With these Nine joint screens, the resort can be used to promote current and upcoming programs or to promote venue specials, room prices, dining options, shopping attractions, entertainment programs, and so on.


In addition, COB small pitchSpecial application scenarios such as led display, Mini LED, led poster, smart commercial display, and light pole display will also be gradually developed, which is expected to lead a new round of market demand.