The World’s first 4K Concave Hanging LED Scoreboard

The central hanging display uses two huge trusses for multi-directional movement. Whether it is watching the NBA or the NHL (North American Professional Hockey League), the perfect screen demonstration ability can create a fascinating game watching experience. This having two main configurations, which can expand its huge concave sideline led screens.

The specifications which we worked on it were:

  • Pixel that shows the fine 4k visuals are in 4mm.
  • Size: 8.5m x 18.9m total size to double sides.
  • Each size: 8.5m x 6.7m
  • The below rectangular shaped screen size: 1.5m H x 20.4m W
  • Stage lighting for decoration.
  • It according to new technology with 65% more LED Screen space than existing Scoreboards styles.
  • The 4mm covering 1800 sqm, and has unprecedented conversion capability and multiple format configuration to best highlight the game.

iLEDScreen is capable of all type of technical and engineering works that will overcome your imagination into real visuals in the shape of LED Display.