How Epidemic affect the LED Digital Signage

What impact will the epidemic have on the outdoor digital signage industry?

The epidemic has affected many industries including outdoor digital signage. Although digital outdoor advertising performs better than traditional outdoor advertising under such circumstances, it still has undergone many changes to varying degrees when the local isolation measures are introduced. Although we expect the outdoor industry to fully recover and continue to grow year by year, COVID-19 has brought the outdoor digital industry to a more important and central position

This is because outdoor digital signage is flexible and dynamic, allowing advertisers to be more flexible in the time, place, and way of delivering information. 56iq outdoor digital signage has powerful system functions and rich project implementation experience and has been widely installed and applied in many fields such as transportation, shopping malls, and enterprise parks.

In these uncertain times, each designated market area will have different changes every week, so the ability to control these changes in real-time is a unique advantage for outdoor digital signage. We are using PDOOH (Programmed Outdoor Digital Advertising) demand-side platform to help our customers programmatically apply outdoor digital signage.

Can you use some data to show the impression changes of outdoor digital signage from the beginning of the epidemic to the present?

In the first few weeks, before the signs were closed because people were quarantined at home, there was a lot less activity around outdoor media. At the lowest point, the frequency of activities around outdoor digital media was even 40.7% lower than the level of the epidemic. Since then, as restrictions have been gradually lifted, this data has begun to improve. In July, this data increased by an average of 10% per week.

What kind of epidemic response measures has operators of outdoor digital signage adopted?

At that time, we saw the joint efforts of operators. Due to the epidemic to a certain extent, advertisers have seen the advantages of starting advertising campaigns in a planned way. Because PDOOH is rooted in audience planning that uses real-time data and local market intelligence, the value of PDOOH has become even higher in such an unprecedented period.

If the behavior of advertisers continues to turn to PDOOH, publishers will want to meet the growing demand. Many companies are actively launching more outdoor digital signage inventory, and more through technology updates to achieve these transactions. If not, operators are already actively integrating with supply-side platforms (SSPs) to ensure that the buying community can seamlessly access their outdoor digital signage. Even before programmatic became as popular as it is now, outdoor digital signage was a huge opportunity for operators and was quickly accepted by advertisers and their agencies.

Considering the capital expenditure required to convert traditional printing and static inventory to a digital display, outdoor digital signage is often the most in-demand, has the highest visibility, and provides high-quality inventory. New trading methods (such as programmatic) will only accelerate its growth.

During the epidemic, what impact did outdoor digital signage have on sales?

It depends on how you look at the problem.I believe that those sellers who can prove that their outdoor digital signage can still reach users during the epidemic will continue to perform well.

In fact, during the epidemic, we found that six out of ten convenience stores displayed outdoor advertising to customers. In contrast, seven out of ten shoppers noticed outdoor digital advertising when they went shopping. Facts have proved that this not only has an extremely high value in terms of sales but also increases advertisers’ confidence in investing in outdoor digital signage without having to observe the second half of the year.

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